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Division of Consumer Affairs - Office of Consumer Protection


Bergen and Passaic County  Division of Consumer Affairs is under the guidelines of NJ Consumer Affairs, part of the Office of the Attorney General's Office and is the Consumer Protection Agency both Bergen and Passaic County.  The Investigators and Staff are trained and certified under the Attorney General's Office.  All the Investigators have a law enforcement background and work part-time. (29 hours or less).  We currently have seven investigators.

The Division protects consumers by enforcing the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) investigating businesses, companies, stores and, when necessary, litigates against those who have violated the Consumer Fraud Act and its regulations.  The Office of Consumer Protection responds to consumer complaints about merchandise and services.  The most frequent complaints are about cars, home repair, furniture purchases and many more.  Most cases are handled by our unit, however large and specialty case are taken by NJ Consumer Affairs.

Bergen County and Passaic County entered into a shared services agreement at the start of 2017.  Since that time Bergen County handles all the Consumer Affairs complaints for Passaic County in an effort to save the taxpayers money.

Bergen Passaic Division of Consumer Affairs is responsible to provide educational programs on helping consumers protect themselves from fraud.  Any group, organization or Senior Citizens Center in Bergen or Passaic County may request a program, which is free of charge.

If any consumer has a question, we welcome your call.