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Home Improvement Contractors

Construction Permits

Do not say you are performing the work yourself, if you have a contractor.  Provide the name of your contractor and registration or license number on the permits otherwise you may be forfeiting the protection s afforded by law.

Do not pay for the entire job upfront

The law prohibits HICs from demanding the final payment on the contract before the home improvement is completed in accordance in terms of the contract.  This means you should not make the final payment until the work is done and the site passes all inspections.

What Should be listed in my Contract?

  • Start / Finish Date or Duration.
  • All warranties & guarantees listed in writing.
  • 3 Day Notice to Consumer, cancellation option. 
  • NJ Consumer Affairs phone number 888-656-2225.
  • Signatures of both parties on the contract.
  • Total cost including finance charges of the home improvement on the front page.
  • Description of work to be performed and principal products and materials.
  • Must present with the contract a copy of Commercial Liability Insurance and the name and phone number of the agent.
  • The name, business address, phone number, sale representative and NJ Home Improvement Registration number must be listed on all documents including the contract.

Sample Registration


No Home Improvement Contractor shall offer to perform, or engage, or attempt to engage in the business of making or selling residential home improvements unless registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

Contractors Must

  • Register annually with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • Prominently display the registration number on advertisements, documents, lawn signs and vehicles.
  • The word License should not be used
  • Display your registration certificate at place of business.

Get Written Estimates from at least three contractors
Ask how long they have been in business, if they have liability insurance (required by law) and whether they will be using sub-contractors

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Before you sign a contract ask for a lien wavier

A lien wavier is a receipt that states that the workers and material suppliers will not ask you for money once you have paid the contractor.  Beware if the contractor asks you to sign a statement that says you will cover the costs of materials and labor if the contract does not pay.