Ask a friend or relative to recommend a good health club. Then visit the club during the time you expect to use its facilities. Check to see if the equipment is in working order and the facility is clean. If possible, talk with some of the members to find out what they think about the club.

■ Ask to see the health club's registration. Then go to Documents/New-Jersey-Registered-Health- Spas.pdf to check to see if the club is on the Division's list of registered health spas, or call the Division at 973-504-6592.

■ Be cautious about paying for more than three months’ membership in advance. The more money you pay in advance, the more money you risk

consumerbrief losing should the club go out of business before
the term of your membership has run its course.

The law says that a member cannot be obligated to pay for more than a three-year membership.

If you decide to sign up for a membership for a period longer than three months, call the Division of Consumer Affairs to find out if the health club has posted the security bond as required by law.

If there are several health clubs with the same name in your area, find out whether all of the locations will honor your membership.

Read the membership contract carefully before signing. Make sure you know exactly what you will receive in return.

If you notice a club advertising an unrealistically low price, be cautious.

Never be pressured into signing a membership contract. 

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